U+ Education Addresses Public Speaking Anxiety Through Gavel Club

U+ Education offers online language learning for students across the globe, with courses in English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, and Korean.

One of their programs, in particular, allows students to connect via language in a way that is essential to their future success. U+ Education Gavel Club is a nonprofit organization that pushes students in eighth grade or younger to strengthen their public speaking abilities. This initiative presents a potential solution for one of the

'Period poverty' in Panama impacts the country's indigenous peoples

GARTÍ SUGTUP, Panama – “Mañana vamos a beber café,” a man yells down a narrow dirt road in Gartí Sugtup, an island community in the Guna Yala comarca, both hands cupped around his mouth. A cacophony of whoops and cheers in response erupts from fishermen, street vendors and school children alike.

Aldolphino Davis, the founder of the Kuna History Museum in Gartí Sugtup, explains with a wide smile that this means the community will begin the Sergu-ed tomorrow morning in honor of Isabella Martinez,

The Wigudun: Acceptance of transgender individuals in the Guna Yala comarca

The Wigudun: Acceptance of transgender individuals in the Guna Yala comarca

CASCO VIEJO, Panama — In the historic district of Panama City, Nandin Solis is making small talk about the weather as she scrolls on her phone. “Mira,” she says, presenting the screen to show off a picture of herself dressed in a pink button-up and American First Lady Jill Biden.

In fact, Solis had just come from a meeting with Biden at which she talked about the issue of HIV in Panama. “She was very kind,” said Solis.

Bad Internship Experience? An Expert Explains What To Do Next – Her Campus

You have probably seen the “disposable intern” trope countless times in movies like Set It Up and The Devil Wears Prada. An inexperienced, driven young person is taken on by a company that keeps them at the office until three in the morning, sends them to pick up complicated coffee orders, and pays them close to (or actually) nothing. While it might be entertaining to watch, this dynamic is not so fun when you are the intern.

Everything We Know So Far About Taylor Swift’s New Album, ‘Midnights’ – Her Campus

Sporting her classic red lip and a sheer Oscar de la Renta crystal mini dress, Taylor Swift accepted the MTV VMAs Video of the Year award for “All Too Well: The Short Film.” In her speech, Swift revealed that her “brand new album,” Midnights, will come out on October 21. The audience could barely contain shrieks of excitement.

Swift hard launched her new album, which has 13 songs, on social media.

On Instagram, Swift followed up with a post about her new album, titled Midnights, which she call

Why the Byways Bloom in Eastham

EASTHAM — Vida DeMale and her friend Ann Darsie saw eye to eye on their town’s roadside traffic islands: they were awful and overgrown. The two of them gathered six additional volunteers, including Vida’s husband, Dan DeMale, and took matters into their own garden-gloved hands, planting flowers in the traffic island at Hay Road and Route 6 in 1984.

They didn’t think to get permission from the town, though that came swiftly enough, says Frank Dobek, president of EFFI — Eastham Famous Flower Isla

Dykes Study the Demise (and Plot the Return) of the Lesbian Bar

PROVINCETOWN — Of all the places where one might expect to find a lesbian bar, Provincetown is surely near the top of the list. But residents and tourists say they instead find a “dyke bar” desert here. In fact, there has not been a lesbian bar in town since the Pied Piper closed in 2018.

Provincetown is proving to be a microcosm of the country when it comes to lesbian nightlife. The loss of lesbian bars has been a hot topic in recent years.

There is research on the phenomenon. And there are a

The French Cable Museum Offers a Snapshot of History

ORLEANS — Inside a small white colonial house in Orleans is a telegraph cable station that once made this spot an international communications hub. Now it’s the French Cable Station Museum.

So much depended on an underwater cable with a diameter of only 2.7 inches that extended from Déolen, France to Orleans. It was a cord that carried messages for U.S. military officials during World War I.

In the museum, pieces of the original cable — they look like rusty metal ropes — are on display.

The p

For LGBTQ Families, a Week That Brings ‘a Sigh of Relief’

PROVINCETOWN — When Stacey and Cheralyn Stevenson first visited Provincetown during last summer’s Family Week, their sons Duke and London, who were six, immediately noticed the pride flags, the Black Lives Matter signs, and families of varied configurations and colors.

“Walking down Commercial Street, I remember my boys saying, ‘Look, there are two dads over there!’ and ‘Look, there are two moms!’ and ‘There’s a white dad with a Black baby,’ ” says Stacey.

Provincetown felt like “a safe space,

Drag Queen Story Hour Gives Mainstream Songs a Twist

PROVINCETOWN — When she reads aloud to children, Lil Miss Hot Mess often finds herself singing. At first, bursting into song with kids was just a way to make story hours more interactive. But after so many repetitions of “The Wheels on the Bus Go ’Round and ’Round,” how could she not come up with a parody?

Lil Miss Hot Mess’s first picture book, The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish, was published by Running Press Kids in 2020. Kirkus Reviews called it “a fun, movement-filled, famil

Dockless E-Scooters Suddenly Take to the Streets

PROVINCETOWN — Dockless electric scooters that can be rented online wherever they are found and then dropped anywhere when customers are done using them have appeared on Commercial Street.

The battery-powered vehicles have become popular in cities around the world. Brands such as Bird and Lime promote them as part of the “micro-mobility” movement.

But in Provincetown, some are asking whether they will become a nuisance. For now, there are no town regulations prohibiting the rental of the scoot

Justice yet to be served as Boston Marathon approaches

The 126th Boston Marathon is set to take place on Monday. As the race approaches, a separate race against time occurs as Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev attempts to avoid the death penalty. Photo credit Marta Hill.

The 126th Boston Marathon is set to take place on Monday. As the race approaches, a separate race against time occurs as Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev attempts to avoid the death penalty.

In 2015, a jury found Tsarnaev guilty of 30 terrorism-related charges for p

With governor’s race still underway, experts weigh in on Baker’s reasons for not running for re-election

After seven years in office, Gov. Charlie Baker’s decision to discontinue his role opened up new possibilities and candidates for the governor’s seat. Photo credit Harriet Rovniak.

In early December 2021, Republican Gov. Charlie Baker announced he would not be running for re-election. He was joined in his choice to step down by Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito. After seven years in office, Baker’s decision to discontinue his role opened up new possibilities and candidates for the governor’s seat.


Everything To Know About Florida’s Harmful “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

The Florida Senate Appropriations Committee passed The Parental Rights in Education Bill on February 28, advancing it to the Senate floor for a final vote.

The piece of legislation, often called the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by its opposers, bans classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in public schools. The legislation also allows for parents to take legal action against school districts that they believe are violating these rules.

Op-ed: Biden needs to continue to keep campaign promises, address climate crisis

In late October, the United Nations officially began its long overdue two-week conference on climate change. 197 parties, including the United States, were in attendance at the summit in Glasgow, Scotland. Although President Joe Biden is participating in this international forum, his recent actions on climate change prove more performative than transformative.

In a speech to fellow leaders last Monday, President Joe Biden talked the talk, referring to climate change as an “existential threat to

Election Day in Boston | Her Campus

On Nov. 2nd, the people of Boston took to the polls to cast their votes for municipal candidates. This year, no incumbent candidate for mayor was on the ballot; acting mayor Kim Janey was eliminated in the preliminary election.

The turnout of the election proved extremely low, with only 127,703 of the 442,049 registered Boston voters showing up on Tuesday.

Low voter presence was predicted by political analysts and officials, including Massachusetts Secretary of Commonwealth, Bill Gavin; Gavin

Wu holds press conference for student journalists six days before Boston mayoral election

If elected as Boston’s next mayor in November, Wu will focus on early education, food justice and development reforms, as well as implementing a Boston Green New Deal.

In a press conference hosted for college journalists on Oct. 27th, Boston mayoral candidate Michelle Wu addressed her key issues and discussed how they would impact the city’s young people.

“We are in a moment of generational crisis and impact,” Wu said. “The decisions we make in the next three to five years will impact the next

Four Frightening Films for Feminists | Her Campus

Spooky season means pumpkin spice, sweater weather, Halloween costume planning, and, of course, scary movies. But for some of us, the typical horror movie with one, over-sexualized, female character who dies in the first 15 minutes is simply not going to cut it. Looking for a spine-chilling film that frightens you, but won’t haunt your inner feminist? We’ve got you covered.

With a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this one is a crowd-favorite. Carey Mulligan plays Cassandra, a young woman who work

Abortion Laws from Boston to Austin: What You Need to Know | Her Campus

What’s going on with the new abortion laws in Texas?

Anti-abortion laws in Texas that went into effect on Sept. 1 of this year are known as “the nation’s most restrictive” laws.

The legislation enforces a “heartbeat law,” preventing Texans from going through with an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. It also allows citizens to sue abortion providers and people accused of “aiding and abetting abortion”, such as family members, friends, and partners who drove patients to their provider, took

WOC Candidates in Boston Are Making History | Her Campus

On Sept. 14, ballots opened for the 2021 preliminary mayoral election. Five candidates were listed on the ballot: Kim Janey, Michelle Wu, Annissa Essaibi George, Andrea Campbell, and John Barros. From the start, this set of choices proved special; each and every candidate is a person of color.

Following this initial round of voting, the contenders narrowed to only two: Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George. According to WCVB Channel 5, Wu was the ultimate frontrunner with 33% of voters — or 35

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